Feel the taste of wine from our vineyard

We are proud to invite you to come visit our vineyard, located in the hills of California. Our grapes are lovingly hand-picked and crafted into special wines that you won’t find at any other vineyard. With a dedicated team of vintners and winemakers, we strive to produce exceptional wines that evoke exquisite taste and complex aromas.

Whether you’re an experienced connoisseur or an eager beginner, J&J Vineyards is the perfect place for you to sample a variety of wines from our vineyard. Our selection includes classic vintage wines as well as some of our own exclusive creations.

When visiting J&J, you will experience and appreciate our wines in all their complexity. Each sip offers unique flavors that sparkle and entice your palate. Our wines reveal a complexity of aromas and a distinctive character that can be broken down further depending on the type of wine. You may detect floral notes, herbs, wood, spice, tropical fruit, citrus and more.

We also offer guided tours as well as private tastings so our visitors can learn more about the process of making wine while sampling some of our latest releases. So why not come over today to experience the amazing taste of our unique and spectacular wines? We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Welcome to our vineyard! Our team of expert vinters and wine makers strive to craft the best wines while providing our customers with an unparalleled experience. The lush landscape of our vineyard is comprised of rolling hills surrounded by lush greenery, finished with an expansive sky bursting with color. Our vineyard is a premiere destination for those wanting to explore, experience and Feel the taste of wine.

Here at the vineyard, we take great pride in our sustainability practices, ensuring that we are protecting the Earth while harvesting the vines. We create unique blends and varietals in order to ensure that our guests have a wide range of tasty wines to choose from when they visit us. Whether you like bold reds or light whites, you are sure to find a selection that suits your tastes.

From the moment you step out of your vehicle until you finish tasting some of our finest wines, you are sure to be filled with delight at what we have to offer. The perfect temperature for a sip of wine will greet you as you enter the cellar and sip your first glass. As you slowly swirl it around your tongue and allow it to settle, you will feel the flavor notes singing on your palate. Each wine brings its own unique flavor, making it easy to find just what suits your individual needs.

Our vineyard staff is always here to offer advice so that you can find just the right selection for your gathering or occasion. We understand that no two winetasting experiences are ever the same and seek to make sure each glass is savored with pleasure and a love for wine. So gather your friends, Celebrate life’s moments and come Feel the taste of wine from our vineyard today!