Flight of Five Vineyard is named after the spectacular engineering feats of Lockport in the 1820s

The history of the winery that was located in the Lockport can be traced back to 1820. It has a long and colorful history full of engineering marvels that made it a standout in the wine industry.

Lockport is named after the locks erected on a canal system which connects Lake Ontario with Niagara Falls at the time when it was developed for shipping business. The canal system still exists to this day but has been replaced by railroads and highways.

The Lockport Urban Winery, now known as Five Vineyard, is located in Lockport’s downtown historical district within walking distance from many restaurants and pubs.

Lockport is a city in Niagara County, New York, and is famous for the engineering feats of the 1820s. The Flight of Five Vineyard is named after a spectacular engineering feat that was accomplished by John M. Brown Jr. and his team of engineers to create this unique vineyard in Lockport.

The Flight of Five Vineyard has five acres with over 300 wine barrels used to create a wine from grapes from all over the world, using innovative technology that looks like nothing you’ve seen before.

The Wine Tower at Lockport’s Urban Winery is one of the most modern winemaking facilities in North America – with over 300 barrels – with an accompanying American Viticulture Association Hall of Fame showcasing lockport’s history as one of the icons for innovation in wine making.

Lockport, New York is a hidden gem with an unassuming name. Here, the different layers of history come together and intertwine to create an intriguing story.

Lockport’s Urban Winery is a wine bar dedicated to the town’s history, which is best explained by its namesake – the Flight of Five Vineyard. This nameless hillock near the Erie Canal that was originally formed by earth from excavations for Lockport’s canals.

Hipster or not, it’s worth taking a stroll through this neighborhood which was once home to canal-dwellers and industrialists who built a city from nothing.

Lockport is a city located in Niagara County, New York on the north shore of Lake Ontario. The city is named after Robert Lockport, who established a trading post there in 1789. In 1819 he also donated land for the construction of the Erie Canal which passes along the southern edge of Lockport.

When Lockport first started to enter its urban winery phase, it was not considered a big deal because it seemed natural to do so and because people had been doing it for longer than anyone could remember for centuries.

The Flight of Five Vineyard is named for the engineering feats that led to the construction of Lockport’s water-powered flour mill. The mill was one of the most remarkable technologies of its time and it was built by a consortium of Lockport businessmen in 1820-21.

The Schenectady County Historical Society has done extensive research on Lockport, New York, and the surrounding area. We’ve compiled a list of 19 Facts about Lockport that are available in our History Guide .

Lockport, New York was a thriving industrial hub in the 1820s. On the verge of bankruptcy, several entrepreneurs came together to improve the town’s fortunes. Their engineering feats were an inspiration to others and helped Lockport become what it is today – a tourist destination for wine enthusiasts and history buffs.

The event put Lockport on the map as an important site for history lovers and wine aficionados and helped turn Lockport into one of New York’s most popular destinations.