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New Wine Club!
Give it as a gift or treat yourself!
We are very excited to announce we are starting a wine club. Two in fact! See the event page for more details.

January - April
January through April we will be open Sunday, Monday & Thursday from noon - 6 PM. Friday & Saturday from noon - 7 PM. Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Join us Sundays in MARCH for a warm and hearty soup sample! A different recipe each week! (while supplies last)

Year 2015
We have been honored as Business of the Year 2015 at Niagara Small Business Day! We are still celebrating!!
Many thanks to our patrons and NIAGARA USA!

We anticipate releasing our new wines in mid March! Looking forward to a return of Lock 67- Frontenac and a new blend for Towpath: fruit forward Fuji Apples & Concord Grapes! Luscious!

Please note the change in business hours during Niagara Wine Trail events.
Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM, Sunday noon - 5 PM
Visit NiagaraWineTrail.org for the full schedule of events in 2016

Find a listing of locations our wines are available with event information.

Stepping into 2 Pine Street offers a glimpse back in time. A charming alternative to expectations of what a winery looks like and where it is likely to be located. Lockport’s Urban Winery is located inside Old City Hall.

Flight of Five Winery is named in honor of the spectacular engineering feats accomplished in Lockport in the 1820’s, the series of locks known as the Flight of Five, numbering Lock 67 through Lock 71. The only twin set of five locks built side by side in the country. The ingenuity, skill and labor brought here to accomplish this afforded extensive development in the days to come and 2 Pine Street was in the thick of it.

The opportunity to share our interest in wine and the history of this waterway that changed the face of our nation was too good to pass up. Having spent the last 15 years exploring canal towns across New York State in our spare time and working in the local wine industry for the last decade, we find ourselves in an ideal place to combine these passions. This was a gift.

After all...Lockport needed an urban winery and we needed more time to explore the Erie Canal while making the wine we love and showcasing the bounty of agriculture that Western New York has to offer.

We invite you to join us in the tasting room to sample our wines, to enjoy local foods paired specifically with them and to discover a small part of what this region has to offer, through it’s wines, cuisine and rich history.

See you soon,
Jackie & Mike Connelly
Proprietors of Flight of Five Winery

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Built in 1864, the Benjamin C Moore Mill diverted excess water from the Erie Canal and used it to power the grist mill. In 1884 the building was purchased by Birdsill Holly, local inventor and extremely clever fellow (second only to Thomas Edison in the number of US patents he registered.) Holly worked to develop his ideas about pumping water throughout the city. One of the patents he worked on here was a system of direct pressure water supply for fire protection in cities and towns. We call them fire hydrants. In 1893, the City of Lockport purchased the building and made it Lockport's City Hall. At that time an addition was built to house the Courtroom. Now it houses the winery.

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